A page and a podcast for anyone exploring 12-Step Sobriety.

Way Down We Go

July 31, 2019

In this episode we begin on Step 4 as it appears in the 12 & 12 and my head... maybe your head, too?

This began as a podcast of a secular Big Book Study for newcomers to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous (and other 12-step programs) who did not identify with the spiritual aspect of the program, or "old-timers" who wanted to be better equipped to help atheists. The first series looked at the Big Book through a secular lens. In the second series we  examined the more antiquated ideas in the book with the hope of helping more people to feel comfortable in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. The program as it's laid out by the Big Book and often by the "old timers" can be quite daunting for atheists and women--among others. And, the basic premise of 12-step programs is often lost in the language of the Big Book and overly zealous members. That premise: "one alcoholic [can] affect another as no nonalcoholic [ever could]." Support and empathy. That's it. No magical thinking.


Series 3 is well underway. Join me as we go through all 12 steps and all 12 traditions as they appear in the 12&12.


The message I want to get across to everyone who wants to get and stay sober is simple: there isn't only one way but I promise there is a way.

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