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Way Down We Go

July 31, 2019

In this episode we begin on Step 4 as it appears in the 12 & 12 and my head... maybe your head, too?

August 27, 2019


I just finished making some notes for the next episode of the podcast in which we'll look at Step 5 as it appears in the 12&12. I'm sorta outta steam now. There's a lot to step 5, a lot of really helpful aspects. There's also a lot of gobledigook. Bill clearly fancied himself a great writer. He was not. Adjective heavy exaggerrated repetitive BUT not all nonsense.


I said in a recent meeting, and I meant it, that for his time Bill was a very forward thinking man. We compare the way we think now to the way they thought then, but it just cannot be compared. It's apples and oranges. When you think of when and by whom The Big Book was written it can be easier to swallow some of the more difficult parts of it. When it was published women in the United States had only had the right to vote for about 16 years. The 15th Amendment which "officially" ended segregation had only been ratified 64 years before. The war in Germany had just begun and America's involvement was still more than 2 years away. The U.S. had been in a depression since 1929. The country was still led by older white Protestant men. So, while Bill and his buddies were not "woke" by our standards, they were in many ways for their own time.


If, like me, you struggle with some of the antiquated language and ideas in "The Big Book," or "The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions" then I suggest reading some of Bill's later writings. While he did not miraculously become a good writer, he did prove himself to be an open-minded and ever-changing man... Except for the cheating on Lois....He really struggled with that "defect."


Love xoxoxox